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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold sm

On Friday, October 24th, since the Boys and Girls Club will be closed, there will be alternate transportation from schools. There **WILL** be pickup from Lakeview, Tri North, The Project School, Arlington, Marlin, North HS, Harmony, Rogers, Binford, and Templeton. There **WILL NOT** be pickup from Summit, Highland Park, Grandview, Clear Creek, Childs, Bachelor, or Jackson Creek.

Welcome to Girls Inc.!

Picture the world through the eyes of a Girls Inc. girl. She belongs to a community that empowers her to pursue the biggest dreams she can dream. She is uplifted by the strength of a national organization that is committed to inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

This is how Girls Inc. celebrates girlhood. Join us.


Fall 2014 Basketball

The Girls Inc. basketball league is a recreational league focused on helping girls improve their skills while having fun and becoming strong, smart and bold through participation in sports.

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girls Inc. Programs

Registration now open: Election Day Program 2014

Our after school program is a place where girls learn that they can be whatever they want to be, where their strengths are valued, where they are treated with respect and honesty, and where they'll have a lot of fun.

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Volleyball Clinics Fall '14

Beginning this fall, Girls Inc. will be offering volleyball clinics for the the first time. Covering a variety of topics, these clinics are designed to give girls the opportunity to improve their volleyball skills--or just learn basic techniques--in a fun, recreational environment.

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