Period Project


As funds are received throughout the year, Girls Inc. will work with other local organizations to determine how many Aunt Flow dispensers they need and purchase a year’s supply of product for each dispenser. The first recipient of the Girls Inc. Period Project will be announced soon.

Frankly, it is hard to know EXACTLY how much a period product program will cost. Based on Aunt Flow’s experience and data, by donating just $20, you will sponsor one menstruating individual for an entire year.

Community partners interested in receiving an Aunt Flow machine through our program, please fill out this form.


Girls Inc. has taken on the task to create awareness about period poverty in Monroe County. We want our community to become educated about the topic and to stand behind all menstruators. With this initiative, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from various community organizations including Bloomington Rotary Clubs, Bloomington Chamber of Commerce, Monroe County United Ministries, IU Women and Business, IU Omega Phi Beta Sorority, and Scout Troop 1148. All have banned together so we can create this much-needed awareness!

Organizations that have received Girls Inc. period pouches include:

  • Monroe County & Elletsville Libraries
  • Middle Way House
  • Banneker Center
  • Healing Hands
  • Templeton Elementary School
  • Summit Elementary School


Senator Shelli Yoder has authored Senate Bill 259 which will eliminate the sales tax on feminine hygiene products (better known as the tampon tax) in the state of Indiana. It is now in committee with several co-authors.

Want to find your State Representatives? This simple tool allows you to search for your federal, state, and local officials. Enter your address and voila – contact information for your state representatives and senators! Supporting legislation that supports those who menstruate is quick and easy, so set aside 5 minutes this week and contact your elected officials.

If we, as a society, do not value menstruators and ensure access to period products, we are actively perpetuating the harmful effects of period stigma and shame. When period products are not provided in the same capacity as toilet paper and other necessities, the needs of nearly half of the population are disregarded.

Menstrual Equity Facts

*100% of funds raised through this page will support Girls Inc. of Monroe County’s Period Project*

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