School Partner Based Programs


Research has found that the Girls Inc. experience makes a lasting difference in the lives of the girls we serve. And so, we are compelled to grow and bring Girls Inc. to more youth. That is why we have expanded our service delivery model to include school-based programming for both girls and boys in grades 4-8 around conflict resolution, substance use prevention, and self-esteem building.


Girls Inc.’s Mind+Body Program supports and promotes the whole health of girls ages 11 to 18, using a philosophy which recognizes that many factors, including physical and mental wellness, contribute to girls’ health. The Initiative focuses on four critical content areas:
1. Physical Activity: Encourage participants to discover and view movement in a holistic perspective to connect with different activities they enjoy.
2. Body Image: Reshape the way girls view their bodies and learn to appreciate their whole self.
3. Nutrition: Focus on the different aspects of food and understand that “Food is Fuel”.
4. Stress Management: Understand stress is a normal and acceptable part of life, and develop healthy coping strategies.


Girls Inc has discovered a valuable resource to help teach important life skills to students in Middle School. Overcoming Obstacles is a free, research-based, and award-winning curriculum. The skills taught throughout Overcoming Obstacles lead to the development of competencies in many areas of life. Girls Inc has decided to focus on Conflict Resolution. In order for students to experience success in resolving conflicts, they need to understand the nature of the conflict, to be able to identify and control emotions in conflict, use communication skills effectively, and apply the skills to conflict situations.  

Girls Inc has developed programming using the Overcoming Obstacles curriculum to effectively teach Conflict Resolution to middle school students in Monroe County. Each school that has selected to have this program presented, has specific needs, and those specific needs are what shape the program presented in that school.


The Too Good for Drugs and the Social Perspectives Expansion is a family of evidence-based programs written by prevention specialists to build awareness of healthy life skills and promote unity throughout schools. Students come together to take a stand against unhealthy behaviors and share their commitment to leading a healthy life. Skill development concepts built into the program promote positive attitudes and choices. Too Good uses cooperative learning to give students the opportunity to have fun while participating in this program. Lessons include role-plays, in-class discussions, games, and more! 

The entire Too Good for Drugs and Social Perspectives program includes 15 engaging sessions. Before students even discuss various substance use, they learn goal-setting and decision-making skills, how to manage emotions and communicate effectively and how to establish healthy relationships.  Then they learn the harmful effects of various substance use.  Then to wrap up the program, students participate in lessons in which they learn valuable life skills to help them navigate through tough situations. They learn how to respect themselves and others, conflict resolution, anger management and to identify and manage bullying situations, as well as various situations of violence.


Personal finance is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. Teaching teens how to take control of their money can help them avoid huge financial struggles and mistakes later in life. Girls Inc. uses Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance to empower students with the knowledge and application of basic financial principles so they can make sound financial decisions in life.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our school-based program offerings, please contact Girls Inc.’s In-School Specialist, Lexi Gonzalez, at  

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