Upcoming Camps

**Girls Inc.’s Summer Camp has reached full capacity and we are no longer accepting registrations. We can’t wait to see all the girls this summer!**

Girls Inc. focuses on inspiring and empowering girls year-round. That’s why we feel it is important to offer the Girls Inc. Experience through a fun, engaging, and active summer camp! Between the hours of 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM, campers may come to the center to take part in hands-on, minds-on activities. There will also be a variety of optional field trips available for all ages throughout the summer. All campers have the option to go to the pool every Tuesday! 

Sheroes Camp (Ages 5-7): This camp is for girls ages 5-7 years old. During this camp, our focus is to empower our youngest participants through female role models of our world and to encourage them to discover their own sparkle! This camp is a mix of arts and crafts, dancing, glitter, environmental activities, science experiments, wellness activities, game-based physical activity, and new friends! Field trips and guest speakers will make this camp experience even more memorable!

Steminist Camp (Ages 8 & 9): This camp is for girls ages 8-9 years old. This camp is all about STEM! Through new learning experiences and creative expression, the girls will get to try science experiments, explore technology, try their hands at engineering, and test their math skills! They will have opportunities to meet women in STEM-related fields from our community and will get to go on field trips!

She Leads Adventure Camp (Ages 10+): This camp is for girls ages 10 and up! This camp is full of adventure, team building, empowerment, problem-solving, and leadership opportunities! This camp will include mini expeditions, adventure challenges, nature-related activities, goal setting, and creative expression opportunities. Through experience-based learning, they will have the opportunity to take positive risks and explore their own strengths.

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