Girls Inc. of Monroe County Merges With Shelbyville Affiliate

Research shows us the Girls Inc. Experience makes a lasting difference, so we are always compelled to grow and reach more girls. In 2017, Shelbyville’s affiliate expanded their service delivery model to include school-based programming around healthy sexuality, substance abuse, and self-esteem building in Shelby and Decatur Counties. The following year, the center completed a building expansion to accommodate the significant growth they were experiencing. In 2020, Girls Inc. National provided funding allowing for the continued expansion into Rush County. Since then, Shelbyville has built on to their available program offerings, adding financial literacy and conflict resolution courses. Amidst the pandemic, the Shelbyville affiliate served 2,364 girls and 1,100 boys in 2020 with comprehensive programming.

Concurrently sister affiliate, Girls Inc. of Monroe County, was adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and has since temporarily ceased operations. Monroe’s leadership and board members worked tirelessly to explore the affiliate’s options and formulate a reopening plan. After much deliberation, Girls Inc. of Monroe County requested a merger with the Shelbyville affiliate. After completing the due diligence process, Girls Inc. serving Shelby, Decatur, and Rush Counties was confident in the ability to successfully expand and operate in Monroe County. Girls Inc. of Monroe County will continue to operate as a satellite location for Girls Inc. of Shelby, Decatur, and Rush Counties. Monroe’s program services model will be moving in new directions. The site will focus on school partner-based programming, several evening programs, and summer camp. After-school care and sports camps will be retired for now.

We are thrilled to announce that Girls Inc. of Monroe County’s team has been fully built out, and will be ready to serve girls with school partner-based programming in the Fall of 2022! Our team has also been developing hands-on, minds-on, evening programs for girls in Monroe County. Meet our team!

Girls Inc. is strong, growing, and well-positioned for continued impact and expansion. We remain the expert on girl development; our relevance is higher than ever, and we are making a meaningful and measurable difference in girls’ lives. Today, there is unparalleled momentum around advancing the rights and opportunities of girls and women. We embrace this movement, are grateful for the support we receive, and thank you for your belief in our mission and in the power and potential of every girl.

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