Empowering Young Women: Meet Laeceigh

Laeceigh is a role model within the Girls Inc. community! By attending weekly events focused on growth and personal development at just the age of 14, she has become an inspiration to many of the younger girls in the program. They look up to her as she continues to lead by example and empower young women around her. 

Through Girls Inc., Laeceigh has learned much about herself and her abilities. Before joining the program, she struggled with social anxiety and social situations, but the program has given her the confidence to be more outgoing and make new friends. One friend in particular, Audrey, had also been struggling with social anxiety. Together, they have been able to bond and lean on each other as they enter this new chapter in their lives. We love to watch our girls grow into the social butterflies that they are!

What Laeceigh feels makes Girls Inc. special is the connection she has developed with her older sister. They have always been close, but thanks to Girls Inc., they have bonded over their shared experiences and interests. Following her sister’s footsteps, Laeceigh decided to become a part of Girls Inc., amidst the pandemic, and hasn’t looked back since. Coming from a big family, they have both come to appreciate the alone time they get to have with each other. Laeceigh has, and will always, cherish these moments she spends together with her older sister!

Laeceigh’s newfound confidence and passion for growth have led to her success in the classroom. She has been excelling in all her classes, especially in math. The challenge of understanding and solving a tricky problem leaves her with a rush of excitement and accomplishment. Laeceigh has a bright future ahead of her!

Aside from her time spent at Girls Inc. and in the classroom, Laeceigh loves to travel. She has journeyed to 45 out of the 50 states, with Maine being her favorite so far! Her favorite aspect of traveling is walking around and sightseeing. Laeceigh is very adventurous and loves to be outdoors, which has led to her passion for running. Not only does she like to run for fun around her neighborhood, but she runs competitively for her high school. She currently competes in the 400m dash and the long jump, but has competed in the 100-, 400-, and 800-meter dash growing up. There’s nothing that can stop Laeceigh!

In her downtime, Laeceigh has taken an interest in drawing. Alongside her liking for the outdoors, she loves to draw animals, with rabbits being her favorite. Laeceigh loves how drawing allows her mind to creatively wander, and she hopes to one day turn this hobby into a full-time career. With her determination, eagerness to learn, and confidence, Laeceigh knows that she is capable of doing anything that she sets her mind to. 

Reminiscing about her time at Girls Inc., Laeceigh realized how much it has impacted her life. She feels a sense of purpose and belonging that she has never experienced before. It has given her the tools she needs to succeed, as well as a community of support that can always rely on. Laeceigh hopes to pay it forward and come back to Girls Inc. as a volunteer in the future, to help other girls find the same sense of belonging and purpose that she did. We will be so thrilled to have her back!

Laeceigh’s journey in Girls Inc. is a testament to the power of community and the impact that a supportive environment can have on a person’s life. She has grown into a confident, driven, and passionate young woman, ready to take on whatever challenges come her way. Thanks to Girls Inc., Laeceigh feels like she has found her place in the world. We are so excited to see what the future holds for her as she continues to grow and learn along the way!

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