Empowering Young Women: Meet Audrey

Audrey, at just 11 years old, is destined to change the world. As a part of Girls Inc., she has learned that as women, we need to take charge and stand up for ourselves by empowering young women. She joined the program last year when her parents read about Thursday night programming and decided to attend since they went to the gym next door. She has been coming ever since and it is one of the favorite parts of her week because she is much more knowledgeable about society, growing up, and how to change the world. 

Audrey lives a vibrant life, through her lifelong passion for dance, learning tap, clogging, and jazz, because she met one of her closest friends through the program and is so excited to see her when she returns from California. She has danced tap for 6 years and has traveled to compete, most recently to Wisconsin, to perform her favorite routine, Heaven Hop. She is also a huge fan of Dance Moms, shown to her by her grandma, whom she is close to. Audrey got her start in jewelry making at a very young age. It all started when her grandmother gave her a jewelry kit that was laying around the house, and ever since she has learned to make pieces with different items lying around the house. This passion has sparked her interest to pursue jewelry making as a career one day where she hopes to open a little shop to sell necklaces, earrings, and other items. At school, she learns how to be financially responsible by paying rent as a part of financial learning and creating an income which has allowed her to kick-start her entrepreneurial spirit by selling her items to her classmates. 

One of her favorite events to go to was a Girls Inc fundraising event where members sold plants (succulents, flowers, etc) while the girls worked at a lemonade stand. She valued the knowledge learned in beginner business concepts and is looking forward to it in the coming years. By attending Girls Inc, Audrey feels more empowered for what’s coming in the future especially when it comes to the social and physical aspects of growing up as a woman. In the program, she really enjoys the group games that really emphasize collaboration and had an absolute blast when the local lacrosse team played a bunch of games with them. Collaborative events with sports teams in the local area allow Girls Inc. to really foster a connection and emphasize their work in empowering young women. 

Audrey has an unmatched passion for life and a strong family that supports her. They have a tradition to make elaborate cakes for birthdays, most recently, an awe-inspiring 3-D Olaf that was ginormous. She is a huge fan of baking and loves the fact that there are endless possibilities on a blank cake, and is very intrigued with the idea of combining flavors and creating new ones. Overall, she is passionate to learn more about the world because it is such an exciting place with opportunities that are waiting for her. Through Girls Inc. programming, Audrey has learned just how much girls are underestimated. She is passionate about the fact that we need to stand up for ourselves because, ultimately, we have to take our future into our own hands and follow our dreams and passions wherever they should lead us. Girls Inc. is excited to see where Audrey lands and is so excited to watch her succeed. Good luck, Audrey!

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