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Our volunteers play an important role in creating a positive Girls Inc. Experience for girls.

Girls Inc. of Monroe County offers volunteer opportunities with our school-based after-school programs in Bloomington, Ellettsville, Stinesville, and at the Girls Inc. Center on the near westside of Bloomington. Opportunities are flexible—whether you have just one hour or a few hours a week we have a volunteer opportunity for you!

“Volunteering at Girls Inc. literally changed my life. I originally was going to do Secondary Education as my major, but when I volunteered there it made me realize my passion of working with children. I changed my major to Elementary Education after that and couldn’t be happier!” -Sarah Ramp, Girls Inc. after-school program volunteer

Volunteering at Girls Inc. literally changed my life. I originally was going to do Secondary Education as my major, but when I volunteered there it made me realize my passion of working with children. I changed my major to Elementary Education after that and couldn’t be happier!

Sarah Ramp, Girls Inc. After-school Program Volunteer

In the early school years, girls begin to develop confidence as learners, and build the foundation for academic success. They also form attitudes about themselves in relation to school and their peers, family, and social groups that can last throughout their lives.

Girls Inc. supports elementary girls’ success by helping them master foundational academic skills, practice healthy behaviors, and build positive relationships with peers and adults. Girls begin to identify themselves as readers, wonder over STEM in their everyday lives, and develop skills to help them relate with their peers and adults.

At schools in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Stinesville, Girls Inc. staff and volunteers provide programming focused on issues that all girls face: conflict management, academic success, and a healthy body image.

School day programming is held in elementary schools and middle schools, for kindergarten through 8th grade. The two most common programs offered at schools are “Work It Out,” which empowers girls to navigate the conflict in their lives by developing empathy for others and understanding consequences of hurtful behavior, and “Redefining Beauty,” which builds self-esteem and self-confidence in girls by confronting body image stereotypes and identifying healthy lifestyle habits.

Girls Inc. of Monroe County hosts three seasons per year of recreational volleyball focused on helping girls improve their skills while having fun. These leagues are open to all skill levels, girls ages 8 to 14. Volunteer coaches are needed for every team.

Girls Inc. of Monroe County Camp Kaleidoscope is an affordable, fun option for girls ages 6-11. The weeklong camps focus on the Girls Inc. mission, and are designed to inspire girls by challenging them mentally, enhancing their physical ability, promoting creativity, and encouraging them to take risks. Summer camp includes hands-on activities and a friendly all-girl environment.

Volunteers are needed to facilitate programming, help with arts and crafts projects, and supervise field trips to locations throughout south central Indiana.

Girls Inc. of Monroe County hosts day-long camps for girls during most MCCSC school holidays. Volunteers are needed to facilitate programming, supervise field trips, and assist girls with activities.

It takes a lot of help to create a successful event. We’re always looking for volunteers to help with planning events like the Holiday Hoopla or our Annual Flower Sale. Planning committees begin working a year in advance and meet once or twice a month. If that is too much of a commitment, we need even more help running the events. During the event volunteers work 4-hour shifts to help sell and distribute flowers, make crafts, or build gingerbread houses.

Like any nonprofit, volunteers are always needed to help with projects. Volunteers help our program staff sort and inventory supplies, clean and paint the center and gym, weed and maintain our flowerbeds (with the help from a few girls), and help with day-to-day tasks. These volunteer opportunities are great for someone who would like to get involved but doesn’t have a lot of time to give.

In addition to events committees, volunteers are needed to help with other committees that have a direct impact on the services we can provide to the girls. Some committees available to volunteers include Marketing and Publicity, Programs and Advocacy, Fund Development, Finance and Risk Management.

If you’re looking for a long-term volunteer commitment, consider joining the Girls Inc. of Monroe County Board of Trustees. The health and welfare of Girls Inc. of Monroe County rests in the hands of the board. The board of trustees has three main responsibilities:


  • Sets the “tone at the top” by ensuring that an ethical culture of trust, honesty, and integrity is promoted throughout Girls Inc. of Monroe County
  • Oversees the conduct of Girls Inc. business and strategic plans and assures Girls Inc. is being properly managed in accordance with its mission
  • Provides important fiscal oversight, including reviewing and approving Girls Inc.’s annual budget and significant changes in Girls Inc.’s auditing and accounting principles and practices.
  • Selects, regularly evaluates, fixes the compensation of, and, where appropriate, replaces the Executive Director, and plans for succession.
  • Assesses the Board’s performance, develops current and future Board members; plans for Board leadership succession and monitors its governance practices.


  • Partners with the CEO and senior management to envision, prepare, and plan for the future
  • Regularly re-visits mission to ensure need and relevance
  • Sets strategy and challenges status quo, when appropriate
  • Brings fresh perspective and needed expertise

Fund Development

  • Reviews and approves Girls Inc.’s fundraising and development plans, budgets and actions to ensure adequate current and long-term resources for mission execution
  • Supports fundraising and development plans, individually and collectively
  • Assures 100% of the Board supports Girls Inc. financially
  • Provides access to new sources of organizational support

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