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To all of our Girls Inc. of Monroe County supporters,

We’ve missed you! While we have been quiet publicly over the last few months, our board has been hard at work to determine the next best steps for Girls Inc. of Monroe County, and we have two key announcements we’re excited to share with you!

First, and most importantly, we want to make sure that we are serving our girls. Therefore, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis to offer Girls Inc. proven and research-backed online programming to all Monroe County girls, starting as soon as this month! We have just shared this with our girls and their families, and as the program grows, we are looking forward to sharing its impact with you! As a board, our primary concern is to deliver programming to our girls in a safe and enriching virtual environment. In this model, trained mentors and facilitators guide girls through research-based and interactive curricula that address positive body image, healthy relationships, economic literacy, self-advocacy, and more.They are offering new, engaging content delivered remotely every month in multiple age-appropriate cohorts. Please feel free to explore the programming we’re offering here.

Like many organizations, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our operations. In April of this year, the Girls Inc. of Monroe County board voted to temporarily suspend services and layoff staff. Unfortunately, we were not financially prepared to weather a global pandemic. However, our active and operational board has been meeting regularly during the last several months to determine the strategic direction and future of our organization in this new environment.

And so, leading to our second announcement: in order to make a bigger impact on the girls in Monroe County, we are making a strategic pivot to serve girls where they are, in the schools. With this transition, we are planning to sell our building and prepare for this exciting journey ahead! This pivot is in alignment with the National Girls Inc. strategic plan and direction that Girls Inc. affiliates across the nation are working towards. Read the report here on the positive impact that the Girls Inc. experience has on academic and behavioral outcomes for girls.

Prior to COVID-19, our board was strongly considering this shift to in-school programming and away from in-center/after-school programming, and the silver lining is that the impact of the global pandemic has helped us to move more quickly in pursuing this direction. Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis has successfully pivoted from in-center programming to in-school programming, another reason, we are excited about our new partnership and this opportunity to learn from them as we work toward our long-term vision of launching in-school programming in Monroe County schools.

Unfortunately, this does mean that in the short-term, we will not be offering after-school, camps, and sports programming as we work toward our new direction. However, over the next 6-12 months, you will find us hard at work rebuilding our local operations by:

  • Conducting a programming needs analysis to understand what type of programming will best serve our Monroe County girls
  • Girls Inc. of Monroe County will forge partnerships with 1-2 area schools to offer in-school programming in areas of Health Living, Academic Support, and Life-Skills Instruction in-line with Girls Inc. National research-backed programming.
  • Hiring staff and building our volunteer base to support and facilitate our new direction

With this strategic pivot, we will continue to share progress toward our new direction as additional variables are confirmed. Yet, we hope that in the short-term our girls take advantage of our partnership with Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis to remain inspired to be strong, smart, and bold!

Please do not hesitate to reach Ellen Rodkey, Trustee, ( with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to embarking on this new journey with you!

Gillian Thiebe | President, Board of Trustees

Erika Oliphant | Vice President, Board of Trustees

Andrea Astill | Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Catherine Matthews | Member, Board of Trustees

Ellen Rodkey | Member, Board of Trustees

Laura Littlepage | Member, Board of Trustees

Molly Nagy | Member, Board of Trustees