Register now for Winter 2020 Volleyball! Leagues are open to all girls ages 5 to 16.

Registration and Season Information

Registration: October 21 to January 17
Fee: $70 (10% nonrefundable deposit) plus membership ($55)
Season Dates: January 21 to April 2

Practices will be held at MCCSC schools. Games will be held at Girls Inc.

Recreational Leagues

Age Groups – 5 to 7, 8 to 10, 11 to 14

Practices/Games are specified by age

5 to 7 – M/W at 6PM
8 to 10 – M/W at 7PM
11 to 14 – T/Th at 6PM

This league is designed to help girls improve their volleyball skills in a fun and encouraging environment.

Competitive League

Age Group—13 to 16

Practices/games—T/Th at 7PM

Will allow girls to play up but will need approval by the Athletics Manager. This league is for girls with moderate to high skill set and competitive play. We reserve the right to not accept anyone based on her lack of experience or skill level.

Registration for the Winter/Spring league is closed.