The Change We Seek for Girls

Sexual harassment and violence is an epidemic, and it starts at a young age. Still, as a society, we perpetuate attitudes and normalize behaviors that harm girls and follow them into adulthood.

We need to unite and take action to shift deeply entrenched norms, stop the sexual harassment and violence that girls face, and create a healthier, safer culture for all young people. The problem is vast but change is achievable. There are steps that each of us – youth, parents, educators, and concerned adults – can and must take to change the way girls and women are viewed and valued.

Tips for Talking to Teens about Healthy Relationships

Think about your own values, feelings, and expectations of relationships first and then share what works with the teen in your life.

Where can I Get Help If I’m Being Harassed

If you experience harassment, you may be afraid to say something and may not know what to do. But sexual harassment violates your civil rights, and under the law your school is obligated to do something about it.

Ways Adults Can Help Girls Achieve Their Rights

Girls recognize outmoded gender stereotypes that limit their rights and they are ready for change. They also told us that adults play pivotal roles in their lives. What can you do to help the girls in your lives resist the stereotypes?

Tips to Support Girls’ Rights through Talking and Listening

What can we say to encourage girls to advocate for themselves and others?

Sexual and Dating Violence

What are the definitions of “sexual violence,” “sexual abuse,” and “dating violence?” What can adults do to stop it?

Bullying and Sexual Harassment

What is the difference between bullying and sexual harassment?