Girls Inc. membership includes after-school programs for the entire 2018-2019 school year. Girls Inc. members also receive discounts on sports leagues and clinics, camps, and other activities.

After-school programs take place after school every day during the school year. Students can board the Girls Inc. bus directly to the site at specific schools. Girls Inc. provides transportation to girls who attend:

Fairview Elementary School

Templeton Elementary School

Arlington Elementary School

Grandview  Elementary School

Highland Park Elementary School

Summit  Elementary School

The Project School

Harmony School

Programs during after-school time focus on Smart and Educated activities. Girls receive a snack and have time to play before structured programs begin at 4:30pm. Girls learn to code with IU’s TeachIT team, do science experiments with IU’s STEMOutreach students, or practice handling money and learning to budget.

Members also receive exclusive information on upcoming programs, fundraising events, volunteer opportunities, and much more!

Annual Membership Fee: $55