Our girls face real and profound barriers.

1 in 6 girls will not finish high school

78% of high school girls report being unhappy with their bodies

1 in 4 girls experiences sexual abuse or assault by age 17

Too often, girls are overlooked and undervalued by the outside world.

But with you in their corner, girls can boldly exclaim they are strong, prepared to finish school on time, healthy, and excited to take charge of their futures. At Girls Inc., girls are in a safe, girls-only environment where professionally trained women help them build life skills and they are a part of a network of peers who share their drive and aspirations. With this critical support, girls seize opportunities and thrive.

Your gift is an investment in a girl’s future.

But more than that, you are telling them there is someone in their corner who believes in their strengths and abilities. We invite you to be a champion for our girls—to inspire them to stand on their own two feet and fight for a positive future.

Why this work is urgent

Girls have the right to live in an inclusive society rooted in respect for all… but right now, many girls experience discrimination and feel excluded due to their gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, race or immigrant status.

Girls have the right to safety and security… but right now, more than 7 in 10 girls experience sexual harassment in school, and many others face housing instability, food insecurity, or the risk of deportation of a family member.

Girls have a right to accurate information about their bodies and access to healthcare… but right now, many girls still lack access to comprehensive reproductive health education, and low-income women of color are disproportionately at risk for being uninsured.

Girls have the right to be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes… but right now, studies show girls start feeling less ‘smart’ than boys at age 6, and men outnumber women in nearly every science and engineering field.

Girls have the right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence… but right now, 25% of children in Monroe County live in poverty, and girls growing up in poverty are more likely to become become pregnant as teens and to enter adulthood impoverished.