Girls Inc. members can join us for an IU Women’s Basketball home game this season!

Tickets are available for FREE thanks to generous donors. Girls must be members to take advantage of this opportunity. Information about tickets will be shared with members via email.

2018-2019 Home Game Schedule

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
NOV 7 (WED) 7 P.M.

University of North Florida
NOV 18 (SUN) 2 P.M.

University of Florida
NOV 21 (WED) 2 P.M.

Northern Illinois University
NOV 25 (SUN) 2 P.M.

Butler University
DEC 5 (WED) 7 P.M.

Missouri State University
DEC 9 (SUN) 12 P.M.

Penn State University
DEC 31 (MON) 7 P.M.

Michigan State University
JAN 6 (SUN) 2 P.M.

Northwestern University
JAN 16 (WED) 7 P.M.

University of Michigan
JAN 24 (THU) 6 P.M.

University of Maryland
JAN 27 (SUN) 12 P.M.

University of Minnesota
FEB 6 (WED) 7 P.M.

Rutgers University
FEB 18 (MON) 7 P.M.

University of Iowa
FEB 21 (THU) 8 P.M.

Purdue University