Results of the 2017 Strong, Smart, and Bold Survey Released

Girls Inc. believes that measuring outcomes is critical to having a real and lasting impact on girls, and has developed the Strong, Smart, and Bold Outcomes Measurement Strategy (SSBOMS) to document the measurable difference a high quality Girls Inc. Experience makes in girls’ lives. Outcomes information is gathered annually through the survey for girls ages 9-18, providing data to inform planning, make improvements in services and programming, underpin operational decisions, and communicate impact.

In addition to outcomes, the SSBOS also measures the Essential Elements of a high quality Girls Inc. Experience, focusing on the impacts mentoring relationships, a pro-girl environment, intentional programming, interactive activities, research-informed curricula, and sustained exposure can have for Girls Inc. girls.

We measure success for three critical areas of girl development, providing the evidence to demonstrate the concrete ways in which Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be Strong or Healthy, Smart or Educated, and Bold or Independent.

Girls Inc. girls are STRONG (healthy). They are in charge of their health and possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop
and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Girls Inc. girls are SMART (educated). They are academically engaged, and connect academics to life experiences, opportunities,
and careers.

Girls Inc. girls are BOLD (independent). They are socially and emotionally intelligent and display character and confidence in the life skills that allow for independent, productive, and fulfilling lives.

SSBOS Outcomes 2017