Summer Camp Newsletter Week 1

Girls Inc. Weekly 

                                              Hear me Roar! 


During Week 1, the girls learned about animals that we share our Earth with! We kicked off the week with in-center activities put on  by our camp educators and counselors. We swam on Wednesday at Mills Pool despite it being a little chilly, visited the Indianapolis Zoo on Thursday, and finished out the week with a trip to Fairfax beach!

Activity Focus: 

This week, the 9-11 year olds took part in a STEM  activity focused on invertebrate versus vertebrate animals.

The girls learned about animals that have spines and how that affects their body movements. The finished out the activity by structuring their own spines and legs with pipe cleaners and making the rest of their animals bodies with play-doh!



The Indianapolis Zoo

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!


The girls were able to visit the Indianapolis Zoo this week. They got to learn about so many different animals, including flamingos, dolphins, tigers, and so much more!


Makayla K., age 8, said her favorite part of visiting the zoo was getting to go into the dome under the dolphins and see them swimming around!



To Infinity and Beyond! 

While the younger girls were busy learning about animals, the teens were learning about outer space!

They watched Cosmos and Hidden Figures! They got to make constellation cookies and various galaxy-themed crafts. They also created their own nebulas in mason jars!

The teens also kicked off their first session of Say It Straight this week, which is a training through CCPE which will help the girls with communication skills and assertiveness!


Genesis K., age 11                        Bree C., age 5                             Francis B., age 7

















The girls learned a lot about nutrition and kitchen safety through their first week of camp!

They started out the week learning about kitchen parts and measuring equivalents. They then learned about different animals which they could make into healthy snacks, such as animal faces on toast!

We are all looking forward to the yummy creations they will get to make in the coming weeks!