Summer Camp Newsletter Week 2

Girls Inc. Weekly 


                                   Blast From the Past    


Activity Focus:


This week,  the girls took a trip to the Indiana Historical Society. While there, the girls got to learn about historical documents and see that sometimes they aren’t in the best shape when received because they are so old and fragile.

During this time, the girls got to learn how the papers are fixed and restored using methods other than tape!






The Indiana Historical Society

We went back in time this week and learned about what Indiana was like decades in the past.

The girls got to talk to actors portraying Italian PoWs during WWII, women canning applesauce during the 19th century, and Eli Lilly in his chemistry lab.

The girls also enjoyed lunch on the canal while local  musicians played outside!




Around the World in 5 Days 



This week, the teens learned about different cultures around the world.


They visited the Exotic Feline Rescue Center and learned about big cats that live in other parts of the world in ordinary circumstances.

They also visited the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center in Bloomington, where they learned about Buddhist customs and traditions!




                                                           Makayla K., age 8